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VDO Imbiss Cambodia 2007

During Songkran 2009 Nik Reiter and I overlanded across Cambodia from Pattaya to Sihanoukville. Someplace betwixt point A and point B we had to stop for a river ferry in the middle of nowhere. Upstream the Preak Piphot disappeared into the jungle. A small stall on the muddy bank sold frikadeller, a German delight. a […]

Allergy to Silence

2004 Pattaya It’s the start of the Songkran festival and the temple across the our house on Moo 9 in Pattaya has set up loudspeakers to harangue the city dwellers into not drinking too much during the holidays. Debicel level 110. 24 hours a day. Thankfully I can’t understand a word they are saying and […]

Lightning Strike More Than Once

Songkran signals the approach of the rainy season. The collision of wet warm fronts with hot dry fronts stimulate epic lightning storms. My girlfriend always insisted on shutting off every electrical device in the house other than the fans. Thais shiver in fear of a lightning strike with good reason. Everyone knew someone who had […]

Escape from Songkran

In 2007 Songkran started early, despite the cool rainy weather. Drunken bar girls and their patrons jump-started the water festival two days before the official opening date, April 13. My wife and daughter deserted Pattaya for their family celebration of the Thai New Year. I had no intentions of enduring the expected aquatic mayhem, but […]

Songkran Sanuk

The Songkran celebration ushers in the Thai New Year as well as the coming of the rains ending the hot season. This year’s festival has been focused on Wan Parg-bpee April 14, when homage is paid to ancestors, elders and other persons deserving respect because of age or position. Traditionally younger people pour scented water […]