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LOVELY SLEEP by Peter Nolan Smith

The Thai people pride themselves in the purity of their language. Few English words have infiltrated the common lexicon. Dtam-ruaat is the word for police. The diphonic annunciation can confuse most farangs. I thought for years that Dtam-ruaat meant ‘make blood’, however make blood is spelled Dtam-leuuat with a falling accent on the last syllable. […]


The attribute I most admire in the Thais is their ability to sleep anywhere and I seem to have acquire this gift from my years of living in the Land of Smiles. I thank Siam for this talent. Everywhere and anytime.

SLEEP Ill Wind (1968)

My favorite webradio station is www.techwebsound.com The playlist on Technicolor Web of Sound on is mostly obscure hippie rock rangning from obscure to one-hit wonders to classic acid trips. Here is the most recent sound from the station # Blue Cheer – Feathers From Your Tree # Tony Hazzard – Fade Away Maureen # The […]