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January 9, 1979 – East Village – Journal

This afternoon I ran into Dale on First Avenue. The slim divorcee stripper drags me over to her place on St. Marks, where we indulged in raw sex. I tied her to a door and whip her with a belt, until her ass was raw. On her knees she sucked my cock and I blasted […]

January 8, 1979 – East Village – Journal

Sex becomes non status quo when one partner isn’t interested in it. Alice wallows in self-pity. Last night we went to a party and I danced with men and women like a neanderthal high of cocaine. Alice drank heavily, expecting me to go into the bathroom with a woman or man, but I don’t want […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD by Peter Nolan Smith Chapter One

Six women crowded the honeymoon suite of the Coastal Motel north of Ventura. The buxom ‘groom’ patiently lay on the bed for her ‘bride’, while the brutish camerawoman glanced at the director and tapped her watch. “Lena, are you ready yet?” A bead of sweat trickled down the wiry director’s spine, as she knocked on […]

AMONG THE REDWOODS by Peter Nolan Smith

The noon sun shimmered off Monterey harbor. The moored sailing boats bobbed with the light breeze and hundreds of pleasure craft wavered on the wake of a departing fishing boat. A middle-aged man took a photo of his wife before a large trawler tied up to a forlorn dock, while I walked toward Cannery Row. […]

Mea Culpa Barbie

Barbie was a doll born of the 1960s. Her original body scale if set to the height of 5-9 would give her dimensions of a 36-inch chest, 18-inch waist and 33-inch hips. Her unearthly body was never questioned by the millions of girls, who loved the Mattel creation, and certainly not by their brothers, who […]