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Public Knowledge

Several years ago the beach resort of Pattaya announced plans to place public urinals along the Beach Road to better serve the nearly five million tourists expected this year. Most sunbathers piss in the sea and beer drinkers relieved themselves in the bars lining the busy road. Everyone else has to hold their water until […]

Hotel Sòk-gà-bpròk

My friends in the finance sector travel 4-star. I once stayed at the Hotel Imperial in Biarritz with a French movie actress. The King Farouk suite was 5-star. I know the height of luxury. My travels around the world have been on a budget. Luckily my resources allow the minimum of comfort, however sometimes the […]

Noblesse Ne’er-Do-Wells

Two years ago the red shirts targeted the shopping malls of their political rivals, the yellow shirts. The drama between the classes was a mystery to most foreigners and a widely accepted way of life to the majority of Thais. I googled ‘thailand five families rule’ and the search engine offered thousands of five-star hotel […]

Erotic Hot Dog Contest

The best hamburger in the world came from Simpson’s Grove outside Portland. The buns were toasted, the sauce was a mild relish/ketchup combo, cheddar cheese melting over the edges, and an all-beef patties sizzling with grilled fat. Yummy. No trace of this heavenly hamburger stand exists on the internet. The best steak came from a […]

60 Minus 1

Friends, family, and strangers constantly say that I don’t look my age. I’ve stopped looking in the mirror in favor of regarding my shadow against a wall, so the innate narcissistic nature guillibly believes the complements and lies. This weekend was my birthday. One short of the next big one. Andrea from across the aisle […]