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Beyond The Border

Over the years my friends’ sons and daughters suspected that my travels were connected to the CIA or some criminal enterprise. My denials only confirmed their opinions, mostly because none of them wanted to become their parents, unless they were rich. Recently young man contacted me on Facebook and asked if I was in Thailand […]

SKATING ON THIN ICE by peter nolan smith 2011

Thailand’s monsoons arrived at the end of the Pattaya’s low season in April 2022, but none had ever been lower than this Covid season. Hotels offered special rates and the few working girls at the even fewer bars and go-gos called everyone ‘sexy’, but the global travel chaos due to the deadly pandemic has forced […]

New England Patriots 16-0 Donovan’s Sports Bar Pattaya

Sophon doesn’t carry ESPN and Thai TV was breaking from early morning soaps to broadcast the Patriots-Giants final game of the year, so I rode my scooter to Donovan’s Sports Bar on 3rd Road, where I had watched the Red Sox win the World Series in October. Me and a tired Thai waitress. The entire […]

Mango Season for Yai

Throughout the first decade of this century I lived in Pattaya in a lovely house off Soi Bong Koch. The neighborhood had once been a mango farm. The last tree stood in my front yard. Nothing grew underneath the tree. The sap killed grass and flowers, yet during the hot season February to April hundreds […]

COME ALL YE FAITHFUL by Peter Nolan Smith

Pattaya is not a city known for monogamy. Promises of fidelity last, until you leave the room, because this city on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard offers temptations by the thousands and those temptations rarely say no. Bar girls, rent boys, ka-toeys, booze, and drugs added up to damnation according to Reverend Joe Stannis of the Holy […]