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Times Asshole – John Tierney of the NY Times

Fourteen years ago John Tierney, a right-wing pundit, had been hired by the NY TIMES to attract readership from the Fox News suburbs. I had been angered at the Times publishing this head-in-the-sand Op-Ed piece. The Grand Old Lady had dropped her knickers for the SUV mass-suicidists of America. I hadn’t written a rebuttal back […]

Bad Boys of The SS

The New York Times reported that the female escort at the center of the Secret Service sex ‘scandal’ has spoken in public about the the agent refusing to pay for her company. “I tell him, ‘Baby, my cash money.” According to many sources Agent Cheap Charlie offer of $30 was well below the agreed price […]

The Vice of Frequent Fliers

Every Tuesday the New York Times publishes a special article called ITINERARIES in the Business Section, in which various frequent fliers relate their travel experiences. I fit into this category due to my international travel to Europe and Asia, so I decided to answer the four question featured in the small box. Question 1 How […]