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Drunk in Moscow, Not Idaho

In 1994 I traveled from Malaysia to Paris on Aeroflot. The Kuala Lumpur-Karachi-Dubai-Moscow-Paris flight time to Moscow totaled about 24 hours. None of them were comfortable in the flimsy chairs of the Soviet era jetliner. Disembarking at Moscow, I discovered that my connecting flight to Charles De Gaulle was delayed until the next morning. A […]

Drunk Driving Success

Winter comes early in Russia and a light snow fell on Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport two days ago. A snowplow cleared the runway, but failed to leave a clear path for a corporate jet’s take-off shortly before midnight. The Dassault Falcon 50 struck the snow removal machine and disintegrated upon impact. None of the 3-man flight […]

Nyet Gay In Rodina

The Russian criminal code of 1832 made the act of “muzhelozhstvo” or men lying with men a crime punishable by exile to Siberia for up to 5 years according the Wikipedia. The police rarely arrested men for this crime against nature, since the hunger that dare not speak its name was reserved for the upper […]

Moscow Taxi Touts

New York newspapers frequently report about naive visitors paying excessive taxifares into Manhattan. The record was set by a Japanese tourist. The cab driver extorted $2500 from the hapless visitor and threatened to strand him in Harlem, if he wouldn’t cough up another $500. Things have improved at JFK, however the age-old practice of soaking […]

Nyet To Dancing In Church

Music has been associated with religion since time immemorial. Hindus have sung songs to their pantheon of gods, Sikhs ragas are an integral part of their worship, and the the ancient Temple in Jerusalem rang with the voices of Levitical choir. Even Islam allowed melodic chants in Mecca, however this week a Moscow court had […]