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Singapore Air NO NO

Back in the 1950s more adventurous western travelers to Singapore frequented Bugis Street to view the Pearl of the Orient’s notorious cavalcade of beautiful transvestites. The laissez-faire atmosphere of the sex entrepot was an affront to the city-state’s puritanical President and by the late 1980s Bugis Street had been sanitized of perversion and by the […]

Mile High Club

Ever since the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk man has been attempting an endless assortment of tricks and risks in flight. Most aviators and passengers are content to get from points A to B. Up and down without ragheads hijacking the plane for an unscheduled landing in a prominent building or getting arrested for […]

Bathroom frolic

Erica Jong wrote a airborne toilet sex scene into her novel FEAR OF FLYING. The novel sold millions and intorduced the term ‘mile-high sex’ into the American lexicon. Actually aviation sex should have been called ‘about five-mile high sex’ since most trans-Atlantic flight fly at 30,000 feet. I tried to persuade a few girlfirends to initiate me into this lofty […]