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December 8, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Last night I stayed out late on the streets, sleazing from Max’s to CBGBs and then to the Crow’s Nest on Avenue A to shove quarters into the illegal slot machine. A loser. No one wins on that thief. I ended up with a go-go dancer’s apartment. Carol Smith and I snorted coke, but I […]

GAY BOY by Peter Nolan Smith

My first eight years were spent on Falmouth Foresides across the harbor from Portland. Summers my brothers and sisters swam in Watchic Pond and rowed dories from the dock at the end of the street. Winters we skated on an ice rink constructed in our backyard. The harbor at the end of the street was […]

Miss You Long Time – Michael Charles Smith

In the summer of 1995 my baby brother succumbed to the ravages of AIDS. I miss him every day along with the rest of my friends and family who died from that killer. I will remember them forever. My brother’s name was Michael Charles Smith. He’s the smaller blonde boy in the photo. And still […]

Day Of Infamy A La Thailand

Eighty-one years ago Japanese aircraft attacked the US Pacific Fleet. Nearly every capital ship in Pearl Harbor was sunk or severely damaged by bombs or torpedoes and the Pacific Ocean became a Japanese lake until the BattleMidway. The next day President Roosevelt declared before Congress, “December 7th shall live forever as a day of infamy.” […]

12-7-2023 Michael Charles Smith

The leaves changed color in October and in November JFK beat Richard Nixon to become the first Catholic president. The cold weather arrived in December and Pearl Harbor Day 1960 dawned with a hoary frost topping the fields south of the Neponset River. During lunch my 3rd Grade class stared out the windows at sullen […]