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I’ve been working with Mexicans at the metal shop for the last year and a half. As always I try to improve my language skills and I help them with English. The other week I gave Oscar, who has prevented my fingers from getting ripped off my lathes or pierced by drill presses, the movie […]

No Se Olvide L’Alamo

On March 6, 1836 thousands of Mexican troops under General Santa Ana stormed the Texas stronghold of the Alamo. None of the defenders were shown mercy and to this day Texans rally to the cry ‘Remember the Alamo’. On Monday Governor Rick Perry announced the mobilization of the National Guard to conduct air and ground […]


There is something fucked up in the world. Iraq is fucked up, Afghanistan is fucked up, but Mexico is chingado. Seven murdered men were found in a park in Michoacan. Their corpses sat in plastic chairs. Each head was hooded, but red stains told the tale in Uruapan. “Warning! This will happen to thieves, kidnappers, […]

No I Wouldn’t MILA KUNIS

This afternoon my co-workers and I delivered ten bronze planters to the penthouse apartment of a .0001% billionaire. The live-in super explained that the owner of the ultra-luxe duplex come to New York for football games played by his NFL team. Over forty workers were busy readying this palace for his weekend arrival. After Oskar […]

Shoot Shoot Shoot

GOP VP wannabe Sara Palin coined the campaign phrase ‘drill, drill, drill’ to highlight her belief that America’s woes could be solved by drilling for oil yesterday, today, and tomorrow with the frozen Bering Sea targeted for immediate exploitation. Her supporters picked up the chant without realizing that commodity speculation by investment banks and Wall […]