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Mars Versus Mount Washington

The atmosphere on Mars is a hundred times thinner than that of Earth. NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has measured summer temperatures as high as 70 Fahrenheit or 20 Centigrade at the Red Planet’s equator, but as soon as the sun sets, the temperature can plummet to -100 F and -175F is not usual in the […]

Defend Earth Women

Beware of the Martians. They are only after one thing. And it isn’t KFC.

No Rain In Sight

As far as I can ascertain from my research there has been no rain on the planet Mars for over billions of years, although the Xanthe Terra highlands on the equator shows signs of water flow. The heaviest rainfall on Earth has been recorded in the following locations according to Answers.com; LLoro, Colombia, averages 13,300mm […]

Still Lifes On Other Planets

NASA released photos from their Rover vehicle this last week and I was stuck how much the sere close-up resembled Yves Klein’s BLUE SPONGE. Obviously it was another case of art imitating still life on another planet. There will be many more in the centuries to come. If we are going to the stars. And […]

Curiosity On Mars

Last week NASA landed the planet rover CURIOSITY on Mars. The nuclear-powered vehicle suffered little damage to its recording and testing devices, however the scientists at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab have set the CURIOSITY on ‘dream’ mode during a four-day upload of software for its initial exploration of the Gala Crater. The mission system […]