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ODE TO LOUIE LOUIE Louie Louie Oh No we gotta go 1963 Eleven years old A Boy Scout at the Hyde Park YMCA Looking to get my Swimming Merit Badge Scared of Polio in the pool Scared of the chlorine Scared of drowning The Scout instructor shouting, “Twenty laps.” “One lap underwater.” “Rescue your buddy.” […]


ODE TO LOUIE LOUIE “Ah, Louie Lou-ii oh no….” Maybe 1964 or 1965 I don’t remember those days to good these days, but I was in the Boy Scouts of America Trying to get a merit badge for swimming. Camp Adams Pond New Hampshire The counselor shouted “20 laps, one underwater.” “The counselors were strange. […]

LOUIE LOUIE by Richard Berry

The origin LOUIE LOUIE was released by Richard Berry in April of 1957. Over 55 years ago and the 45 sold 40,000 copies. There was no fuck in it like the later cover by the Kingsmen. Berry sold his rights to Flip records for $750. And they stole all his money. You know who ‘they’ […]

THE PIGPEN A GO GO by Peter Nolan Smith

Life is the sum of a person’s experiences. Work and family dominate the sculpting of a soul. Days are defined by routine and years by the seasons and weather. En masse we are the same, but different thanks to our participation in special events liberating our souls from the shackles of perpetual monotony. Woodstock lasted […]