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Rejoice Ryan Cometh

GOP candidate Mitt Romney announced his running mate this weekend and arch-conservatives hailed the Massachusetts ex-governor’s choice of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. The media touted the decision as bold gambit in the bid for the White House, while pundits cautioned that the Vice-Presidential candidate’s unyielding commitment to fiscal austerity, privatization of Medicare, revisionist views on […]

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To THe Torch

I absolutely love ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

Back In The USSR

Back in the glory years of Soviet Russia express lanes were reserved on Moscow’s major roads for top officials and leaders of the Communist Party in the ZIL limousines. Those privileges came to a sudden end with the collapse of the USSR, but the London Olympics instituted the special lanes throughout the city for the […]

The Olympics Truce

Last summer Lord Michael Bates set out from Greece to promote a world truce during the London Olympics. In early December I met the long-distance trekker in Luxembourg and shared his walk for twenty kilometers on the shoulder of a busy motorway in the rain. At the top of a hill I spied the approach […]

Friend and Family

My paternal grandfather had qualified to represent the USA in the pole vault for the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, unfortunately Frank Arthur Smith I broke his leg at an exhibition in Portland and he was replaced by the alternate jumper. Harry Babcock of the USA won the event topping the height of 3.95 meters. […]