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Rongai Gate to Simba Hut 2019 – Kili Initiative

After a quick box lunch we set out for Simba Hut. I proceeded before the Kili Initiative Team. We were trekking through a rain forest. The team chattered without cessation and I preferred quiet. Not complete silence, because the trees were alive with life. Ma’we led the team. I drained the last of the Konyagi-Crest […]

Loitokitok – 2019 Kili Initiative – # 20

Back at the Kibo Slopes Lodge the Kili Initiative team relaxed after lunch. I hadn’t eaten anything. My stomach was trembling at the sight of good and decided to wander into town for some souvenirs and maybe even a Guinness. The Irish Stout was good for you. This was our last day in Loitokitok. Tomorrow […]

Solo – 2019 Kili Initiative # 17

I come from a city of millions. Sometimes I don’t speak to anyone in a day. I consider those days as the way of silence. Like the Poor Clare Nuns living under a vow of silence. Dawn broke early of the Kibo Lodge Guest House. We woke for morning exercise. Across the gully the Prayer […]

Relax Chez Kibo Huts – 2019 Kili Initiative # 16

The 2019 Kili Initiative team was happy to be at the Kibo Slopes Guest House in Loitikikok. I hadn’t been eaten by hyenas, no one had gotten sick, and we had conquered the birthplace of all thorns, Lolapange. Larry’s ankle was a little tweaked from the morning run, otherwise we were in one piece. “How […]

TOP OF AFRICA – Kili Initiative 2019 # 1

In early February I met Natalia Rios, Larry Fishbourne, and Laityn Graham at JFK Airport for a flight to Nairobi, Kenya. The young New Yorkers were the members of the Kili Initiative’s 2019 team and I was their ‘chaperone’. The Initiative’s goal was to broaden their horizons by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in […]