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Old Palestine

Ancient Roman writers referred to Palestine as Syria Palaestina consisting of the lands between theMediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Jaffa was the entry port for the region. The population was made up of mostly Arabs and a smattering of Jews. Arab warriors protected Palestine from Bedouin raiders. Farmers raised olive trees and orchards on […]

Jerusalem 1920

Population 1922. Jewish 33,971 Muslims 13,413 Christian 14,669 And about 4000 others. Of course the rest of Palestine was another story. Jeiwsh 84,000 Christian 71,000 Muslims 589,000 It was a different world. Jerusalem was a different place.

DoomsDay On Its Way

Last week Iran marked Defence Industry Day with the unveiling of a new accuracy of short-range defensive missiles with the range of 300 kilometers. The distance between Tehran and Jerusalem is 1561 km or 970 miles. The Aerospace Force of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution has several rockets capable of greater […]