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LOVE YOU LONG TIME – CHAPTER 8 by Peter Nolan Smith

The nuns at St. Mary’s of the Foothills had taught their students that on the Judgment Day every soul from the past, present, and future will be assembled to witness a replay of your life, after which God will decided whether you spend eternity worshipping him in Heaven or burning in Hell. With some souls […]

The High Cost of the Thai Drug War

Last month over 300 Thai cops invaded Soi 6 off Pattaya’s Beach road in search of evil-doers. No search warrants. No habeus corpus. No rights for the sex workers of that inglorious street. The cops conducted urine tests of hundreds of women and after the test results came in positive, they arrested almost 16 women […]

Chasing the Dragon by Cops

Drugs are illegal in Thailand. The police have squads of officers scouting the slums, discos, and bars for offenders. Suspects are piss-tested for ‘ice’ and ‘ja-bah’, the two popular speed drugs in the orient. Any trace of purple means a lock-up for months. Actual possession could earn years, but smuggling drugs gets the most time […]

Anti-Crack Island Thailand

Fed up with the traffic of contraband drugs into the Thai prisons, correction authorities are exiling a 1000 of the country’s most serious drug offenders to a high-tech facility designed to eliminate the smuggling of narcotics. The location of the prison will be in Nakhon Ratchasima province. Mobile phones will be useless inside the cell […]