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Oh my Lucky Day

I am Vice Chairman of Hang Seng Bank, I have Important Matter to Discuss with you concerning my late client, Died without a NEXT OF KIN. Send me your private email for full details information. email me at (infovsa@ aim.com) Mail Regards Dr.Raymond Chien Kuo Fung

Neo-Droid Hands

Comic book characters rarely had all their fingers. Many artists are unable to draw a hand, which I’ve always deemed to be the cause for the advent of abstract expressionism. Most recently I went online to look at wedding bands for a friend. The website offered this image. Not really a hand. Then again nothing […]

Biggest Ferrari Shirtseller in the World

Thailand is famous for knock-offs. I bought the complete collection of STAR TREK DVDs for less than $100. The cost in the States would have run more than $1000. My guilt was assuaged by the savings, especially since the money went to the copyright holders and not Gene Roddenberry, the creator of STAR TREK. Throughout […]

Rule # 34 No Exceptions

Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.

Internet Magic

The Catholic Church hated witches. The Protestants weren’t much better. Believers in the Old Ways were burned at the stake by the tens of thousands. Twenty-eight people were hung or killed in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. The last such case to come before a court was the 1878 American civil trial in Ipswich, Massachusetts, […]