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North End Angel – Youtube VDO


My mother loved to sing this 1957 hit song although we knew as YELLOW BIRD. Harry Belafonte introduced us to another way of life and fought for equality and justice. A true hero. RIP. To hear DON’T EVER LOVE ME – YELLOW BIRD click on the following URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm1DA0yqcdc

Signs of Talibanism

Didn’t Harry Belafonte sing, “C’mon Mr. Taliban, gimme me banana.” 10 SIGNS YOU MIGHT BE A MEMBER OF THE TALIBAN #10 you refine heroin but object to beer. #9 You own a $300 AK-47, but can?t afford shoes. #8 You have more wives than teeth. #7 Your vests come in two styles; bullet-proof and suicide […]