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No Guns For Me

When I first arrived in New York, a gay jazz pianist friend of James Spicer, offered me a .38 at a Christopher Street bar. “No, thanks.” “No, thanks?” CT was small. He carried a piece for protection. New York in 1977 was very dangerous for man, woman, and in-between. “Someone like you needs a gun.” […]

In Memorium For The Unspoken War

A message from Michael Moore With due respect to those who are asking me to comment on last night’s tragic mass shooting at UCSB in Isla Vista, CA — I no longer have anything to say about what is now part of normal American life. Everything I have to say about this, I said it […]

CNN the voice of nothingness

As the country approaches the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, the American media is revisiting the many theories of his death. CNN came out to announce the debunking of one conspiracy. The news article glossed over the possibilities without any depth. Big surprise. There is only one truth. JFK was shot dead. So were Malcolm […]

Guns And Kids

Back in 2006 Bryan Le Bouef, a rodeo painter from Lousiana, emailed this letter. Mom sent me a photo depicting my brothers and me when we had yet to face the most troubling parts of life. I was much younger than the others. I believe that I had just been introduced to hard drugs the […]

SAD SUNSET by Peter Nolan Smith

Friday evening Mr. Dithers was driving back from Amagansett. I had spent the day laboring on his post-modern beach house in the dunes. It was much easier work than smashing knives. The sun was setting into horizon tipped with magenta, as we drove west on Route 27 into the early evening. The mirage of open […]