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In the autumn of 1992 I worked as a diamond salesman on West 47th Street for Richie Boy and his father, Manny. Business had improved under President Clinton and customers from around the USA traveled to New York for a good buy. That Christma Ms. Carolina had bought 2-Carat diamond studs in September. The blonde […]

Rattlesnakes In Winter

Eve was seduced by a snake and ate an apple. God exiled Adam and Eve from Eden without mercy. Coming from New England I loved apples and especially my mother’s apple pie, but the Church divined that the Apple was sin. An apple, but what else was to be expected from a merciless God who […]

Someone to Blame for Me

In the 1940s American doctors infected hundreds if not thousands of Guatemalan prisoners, inmates, and common folk with syphilis. The same doctors had subjected blacks Americans to a similar treatment. Millions more were exposed to atomic bomb fallout in the 50s and hundreds were dosed with LSD by the military. Medicine gone mad without any […]

Tarzan Jesus On VDO

A religious festival in Guatemala featured a Jesus on a very high pole. The spectacle turned bad when ‘Jesus’ fell from his crucifixion perch, but luckily caught hold of a wire to break his fall. A miracle for Tarzan Jesus. His father was part god/ part ape. To watch Tarzan Jesus fall, please go to […]