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Like Father Like Son 2008

Fenway took a fall in the bathroom. Lots of blood. 8 stitches. No longer perfect. Everyone says his mother beat him. Mam would never touch him. Me maybe, but like father like son. My black eye is from a street fight in Pattaya. “It was a good fight, ma, but I lost.” In fact I […]


Last summer a boat driver came over to our table at the Full Moon Bar in Jomtien. Tip liked to drink. The young Cambodian smiled at me and said something to Mam. I really didn’t understand what, but her reaction translated the meaning. Tip smiled at me again like I was an old fool. That […]

The 6th Commandment in Pattaya

The religious right in America have sought to increase the influence of God on the government by trying to place the 10 Commandments in various courthouses and legislature. While I am not a follower of the bearded Jehovah in the flowing muumuu, I have nothing against erection of the twin tablets of NO this and […]

The Duel of Backseat Drivers

My father passed on his extraordinary driving skills to his sons and daughters. His primary tenet was that of defensive driving. This strategy was promoted by the AAA to save lives and time by anticipating other drivers’ error before they endanger you and your car. Accidents happen. My father preached that they happened to other […]