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How Far From Now

On November 8, 2016 I was sitting at the bar at the Barnacle in Marblehead. The TV was showing the election results. The initial reports looked good for Hillary Clinton, however CNN swiftly charted the collapse of democracy as old Democratic stronghold in the Midwest fell into Trump’s electoral count. By dawn victory was declared […]

StormFront Support

During the 2008 Presidential campaign I joined the online white power site STORMFRONT in order to convince members that a vote for Obama was a vote to bring on the Last Days. My suggestion received zero commitments to support the Democratic candidate for the White House. Right-wing fanatics are devoted to Aryan supremacy. I suppose […]

The Polling Of The Right

RealClearPolitics was founded by a Wall Street trader an an ad flack to combat what the duo perceived as anti-conservative and anti-fundalmentalist bias in the mainstream press. They are backed by the pro-business Forbes Magazine, which is well-known for its annual release of the 400 richest people in the world. It comes as no surprise […]