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Mango Season for Yai

Throughout the first decade of this century I lived in Pattaya in a lovely house off Soi Bong Koch. The neighborhood had once been a mango farm. The last tree stood in my front yard. Nothing grew underneath the tree. The sap killed grass and flowers, yet during the hot season February to April hundreds […]

The Roam of Ghosts

My youngest son talks about phee or ghosts. Fenway is not scared of these spirits, but he doesn’t want to go to certain houses on our soi in Sri Racha, since the four-year-old sees birds with voices. His mother thinks that he has the 6th sense. Mam says that she is not frightened by ghosts. […]

ZOMBIES IN MY DREAMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Written Mar 31, 2016 at 11:26 Pattaya was not Venice and certainly no one on the Coasta del Crime pretended to be a reincarnated Thomas Mann writing a Thai version of TO DIE IN VENICE. At least no one I knew, however plenty of farangs and Thais died in the Last Babylon. Many of natural causes. Some […]

5 Nos in the City of Yes

Several years back Nick and I were watching the Hotspurs-Arsenal game at the Buffalo Bar. The girls avoided us, as we harangued the TV. Bad language and drinking Chang Beer. It was the equivalent of Stella Artois. Wifebeater beer. Even the bargirls at the Buffalo knew enough to keep their distance. Nick was reared within […]


The rainy season had lasted longer than most Thais could remember. Many of Pattaya’s roads were inundated by the overflow from the sewers. One polluted pool stretched 100 meters along Soi Buahkhao. No cars or motorcycles were navigating through the floodzone. The black water was knee-deep, but Nai was in a hurry. His girlfriend was […]