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Up Or Down

Toilets were invented in the third modern millennium BC and the question of toilet seat up or down has plagued mankind throughout the ages. Men lift the seat to prevent splatter and women keep it down during their business. Men sometimes forget to put down the seat, creating the potential for a woman rushing into […]

Eating On The Run

No animal eat on the run. Not lions, tigers, or bears. Cows, sheep, and goats meandered as they grazed, but only humans walk and eat at the same time and most of those achieving this dubious goal are Americans. Every day I see people on the go holding hands with a cup of coffee or […]

Love is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Love is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry is a famous line from the 1970 film LOVE STORY. Farangs are amazed by the infrequency of times that Thais saying they’re sorry. The word does exist as Khor-Todt, whose etymology stems from two Thai words; Khor or throat and Todt or fart. Throat-fart. Sorry, but maybe […]

Thai Etiquette (dressing to impress)

Back in the 1970s Miami Beach was a neglected beach resort populated mostly by ancient retirees in moldy art-deco apartment buildings. The male of the elderly snowbird species ate at Wolfie’s Deli sporting Sta-press shirts polyester plaid trousers and gleaming white shoes, while strolling along the beach, hoping to meet a blue-haired widow with a […]

Thai Ties

Every time I visit my tailor for shirts, he asks why I don’t buy any ties. I tell Pinky that I wore them for most of my life and don’t see the point of wearing them in Pattaya. Like who am I trying to impress? My drunken friends or the madam of the Buffalo Bar? […]