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Mohammad Morsi RIP

This morning Egypt’s first democratically elected president collapsed after a court appearance to face espionage charges. The sixty-seven year old man had been tortured and abused and had been refused medical care throughout a six year imprisonment. His family had only been allowed to see him three times. According to AlJazeera the former president’s son, […]

Thailand Is Not Egypt

On August 22 Jonathan Tepperman, managing editor of the FOREIGN NEWS, had a story entitled Can Egypt Learn From Thailand? published in the New York Times. This ill-reserached Op-Ed piece further demonstrated mainstream media’s inability to tell all the news that is fit to print. Thailand is not Egypt, but neither is the Land of […]

A Curse On The Pharoahs

Yesterday the US government honored a 2011 commitment to Egypt democracy by doled out $190 million of a $1 billion pledge. Newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry warned the Morsi government must adhere to IMF monetary demands and expected improvements on protecting the rights of women and religious minorities. His departure from Cairo was […]

Repentance Of Guilt

Repenting for the sins of others is a crime against the innocent. – James Steele Yesterday the Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI released a three year-old video of Mohammed Morsi, then-Muslim Brotherhood leader and the present Egyptian President pitching defiant Anti-Zionist talking points on several unidentified TV broadcasts. Under siege by the GOP […]

Just Like That

v=rhu-YgCyPz4 Those that don’t remember history are doomed to not remember the past. Forget the part about mistakes, because many fools think that knowing the past permits the attempt to succeed where others have failed in a horrible fashion. On 6 October 1981 Egypt’s Sadat was attending a ceremony celebrating his army’s triumphant crossing of […]