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Chaney – Sebago Lake – July 1960

Written July 1, 2021 My best friends as a child were my older brother and Chaney We lived in Falmouth Foresides, Maine. We did everything together. School, hockey, eating stolen strawberries from the nearby farm, hang at the docks at the end of our street, and swim at Sebago Lake. My family moved to the […]


Written May 3, 2020 Every boy has a best friend in his youth. In 1959 my family lived on Falmouth Foresides. Mckinley Road ended at the bluff overlooking the mudflats of Portland Harbor. I was lucky enough to have two friends; my older brother Frunk and a neighbor. Chaney and I attended the same kindergarten […]


I was nothing I possessed nothing I felt nothing Not Love Food Pissing Shitting Nothing touched my nothingness Then I woke Underwater My lungs filled with water Panic Around me nothing I looked up A hand I reached up Two hands touched I was pulled to the surface A woman on a raft hugged me […]

Si Drole 1961

France waged a long and bloody war of repression in their Algerian colony from 1954 to 1962 against the FLN or National Liberation Front. The French army outnumbered their adversaries, but the NLF had the support of the populace from Algiers to the Magreb. There were few pitched battles and every street was considered a […]

Not What It Seems

Last Thanksgiving a West Chester University student vanished after a night drinking with friends. This Saturday his body was found in the Schuylkill River, less than half a mile downstream from where he was last seen. The police declared the cause of death as drowning by misadventure, however there is more to this story than […]