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BLACK DOG DEAD by Peter Nolan Smith

Wall Street collapsed in the fall of 2008 The whys were discussed by countless TV analysts without a single mention of greed and the government equally appeared out of touch with the economic disaster. The catastrophe had no effect on me. I had spent the summer in Palm Beach looking after of a rich friend’s […]

Innocence or Dead In Florida

Last night in Florida a six-person jury found George Zimmerman innocent of a murder charge, stemming from the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin of February 26, 2012. The 17 year-old black boy in a hoodie was walking back to the house of his father’s fiancee in a gated community after purchasing Skittles and an Ice […]


Two days ago Eric D. Warren, a US Marine Hospitalman was killed by an IED attack in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. The dead have names. His friends in Shawnee will miss him. They have families. He came from Oklahoma. They are not forgotten. Bring the troops home. ps the photo is of Eric D. Warren taking […]


Three names; tobias alexander, jesse ozbat, samuel watts. 3 names added to 1,934 already on the list No mention of these soldiers from Oklahoma, Virginia, and Illinois on CNN, Fox News, or NBC. Only the NY Times is keeping count and no Americans know the names of the Afghani dead, but they can tell you […]

RIP Steve Jobs / 1950 Something – Now

Steve Jobs came out with a box-ready computer and changed the world. His public adored how he touched their lives. The outpouring has been extraordinary, but Sam Royalle of Pattaya had a good question to pose the people at Apple. “Has anybody at Apple checked if Steve Jobs isn’t on Airplane Mode?”