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Flat Earthers Beware

The world is not flat, but scholars of pseudo-cosmography cling to the belief in a 2D Earth like Seven-Day Adventists’ hope for the 2nd Coming of their Messiah. As early as 150BC Greeks divined the world was round through mathematics. Western historians claim that ancient societies espoused flat-worldism, however the center of the cult was […]

Leap Into The Charles

My nephew treaded water in the Charles River. Twenty feet beneath me. Standing on the railroad bridge jumping is not meaningless. Not jumping is meaningless. My nephew shouts from the river, “Jump. It’s a good thing.” Matt was right and I jump off the bridge. And I fall like a stone through the air without […]

Leap Into The Charles

Back in the 2000s my nephew and I toured the bogs and kettle ponds of Natick, Mass. The day was breathlessly hot and Matt suggested that we jump off the train bridge over the Charles. It was a short drive away and the two of us walked through the woods to the trestle bridge. The […]