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Happy Sabaii Sabaii Happy by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1972 Bhutan’s King Jigme Singye Wangchuck attempted to reform his country’s feudal economy on a Buddhist spiritual level rather than a capitalistic model. To best judge his efforts the king created a Gross Domestic Happiness Index based on life satisfaction, life expectancy at birth, and ecological footprint per capita. The Happy Planet Index placed […]

My Little Champoo

My little dog passed away three days ago. She was a good little thing. Everyone in Pattaya knew her name in the early 00s. None of them knew mine. I was the farang with “Champoo’. She was a good little dog.

1-1-2007 – PATTAYA

Having gone to sleep slightly after the stroke of 12 on New Year’s Eve, I woke with the dawn the next morning. Champoo, my little dog, was dying for a walk and I tiptoed through the sprawled bodies of my wife’s guests. They had had too much food and drink unlike me. I was nearly stone-sober. My […]