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Several years ago I was out with the boys on Soi 6. Strictly for sociological research. Nick was drinking vodkas. Sammie was searching for Ms. Perfect, and young Marton was wrestling with an undersized bargirl on the sofa for what seemed to be about an hour. He weighs in at 85 kilos and she couldn’t […]

1984 Plus 29

CCTV was used instituted by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemünde, Germany in 1942 to observe the launch of V-2 rockets according to Wikipedia. After the defeat of Nazi Germany the technology was adopted by the West to protect military and security installations. In 1973 the NYPD installed several cameras in Times Square […]

The All Seeing Eye Of Pattaya

In 1960 my parents moved from Maine to Boston. My mother was a devout Catholic. My father was a convert. They had six children. Public school was banned by my mother and we attended Our Lady of the Foothills for our primary school education and the salvation of our young souls. Sister Mary Goretti was […]

Full Speed Ahead

England is the most surveilled country in the world. Video cameras record almost all outside activity in hopes of controlling an unruly populace. The result of these decades of Orwellian voyeurism is that nothing has changed in the crime rates, but that people will do stupid things even if someone is watching. The USA during […]