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When Cecil B. DeMille’s THE TEN COMMANDMENTS was released in 1956 and its box office success earned the cinematic retelling of Exodus over $180 million dollars. In 1962 Paramount Pictures re-released the film for screenings at drive-ins across the nation and my father loaded my brothers and sisters into our Ford station wagon to view [...]

SOME CHOWDAH, BOBBY by Peter Nolan Smith

Last holiday season Richie Boy had hired me to help with sales and schlepping merchandise between dealers and jewelers. Hlove and I worked together to make sales, but business on 47th Street was murder. There was no foot traffic and my old customers hated the street and all the hawkers shilling to buy gold. “Back [...]

HAPPY HEARTS by Peter Nolan Smith

Every Valentine’s Day diamond dealers and jewelers on 47th Street anticipate a mid-winter spending spree by lovers for their loved ones, yet year after year sales numbers have fallen by double-digits, as the economic downturn cut into the income of the middle-class. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but not this year. Yesterday the [...]

GLATT BACCHUS by Peter Nolan Smith

These days most people in America survive from paycheck to paycheck and New York’s Diamond District has been feeling the pinch, so that my bosses Richie Boy and his father Manny couldn’t offer me a place behind the counter upon my return from the Orient. “It’s brutal out there.” Manny always kvetched about business, but [...]

BETTING THE OTHER WAY by Peter Nolan Smith

The Superbowl has been an American tradition since the first game in 1967. Betting had been another part of that tradition and for two weeks before the Big Game the diamond dealers and jewelers had been wagering bets on pools, the point spread, the over-under, which teams scores first, and the MVP. Some claimed to [...]