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Going Up Country – Thai Style

Back in the 60s during their Woodstock concert Canned Heat had a small hit GOING UP COUNTRY. “Going up country, baby, do you want to come along?” After Altamont longhairs abandoned the rip-offs, bummers, and downers of the big cities to establish Aquarian communes in the hinterland offering free love, organic food, and reefer to […]

Bannok Loves Farangs

Middle-Age farang males vacation in Thailand for the beaches and the temples. A friend sometimes suggests a visit to the Last Babylon. In Pattaya the man meets a girl. Past and present are unimportant. She is something out of a dream and they spent an idyllic vacation on Koh Samet. The disgust of fat western […]

The Choice Of Life

Beijing and rampant consumption under the myth of sustainable growth. Or Ban Nok Thailand. The rice fields slowly recovering fromthe poisoning of pesticides and debts to the banks. I vote for the Village of the Birds. The Western Forests are home.

Jan. 2, 2007 Going Home

It was still dark yesterday morning, when my wife terminated her holiday stay in Pattaya. She packed the car with my daughter, my adopted niece, her sister, my dog, and about three weeks of food whch would be comsumed during the five our journey to Ban Nok outside of Chai-nat. Nu was no longer angry. […]

The Thai Anti-Midas Touch

One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in Pattaya was Ann. Her beauty lasted longer than most, as she bathed in the fountain of youth created by her countless sponsors’ generous donation of cash and clothing. The veteran mistress managed these farangs with the skill of a circus juggler yet she was […]