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Unschlocking the Schlong

WRITTEN 6/26/12 German courts have banned circumcision of older boys on the grounds that the traditional cutting off of the male foreskin causes the child bodily harm. In babies the healing process takes up to 10 days, but for older boys the scar will remain for months. Jews and Muslims angrily protested such a judgment […]

Gay Porn Is Bad

Rick Santorum did not actually say that he saw ‘eye to eye’ with the Taliban, however he has been outspoken on pornography on many occasions and his website featured the following view on the subject; “America is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography. A wealth of research is now available demonstrating that pornography causes […]

Thai Hair-Cut No No

Several years ago I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to a party in Nolita. The city skyline shimmered under a sky dotted by the few stars brilliant enough to pierce New York’s light umbrella. Tourists flashed photos in the dark and the bridge hummed with the passage of cars and trucks. The night was bitter […]

Pierced Naked Cock

San Francisco has well deserved reputation for open sexuality and three years ago nudists colonized a Castro plaza to express the joy of nakedness, however residents have complained to the gay district supervisor not about the nudity, but how the cock rings worn by several men seem to perpetuate erections, for sexual arousal is against […]

Morte A Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is the world’s most famous brand. Its sodas are sold in more than 200 countries and the corporation is a big sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics, but this week Bolivia announced that Coa-Cola will not be available after the end of the Mayan calendar. “December 21 of 2012 will be the end of […]