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Ich Bin Ein Amerikaner

Last night my landlord/friend AP and I were joined by his loving daughter on the roof of the Fort Greene Observatory. AP hugged Lizzie and pointed out stars. It was a clear sky for New York. “Up there is Alpha Centuari. It’s the closest star to Earth.” “How far away?” Lizzie was a curious child. [...]

Danger On The Road

An old urban legend purported that in 1895 the only two automobiles in Ohio had an accident. investigated the story without finding any evidence of said accident, however in May 1896 a NYC motorist struck a bicyclist. According to the rider suffered a broken leg, the driver of the Duyrea spent a night [...]

Hotter Than Before Almost

The Friends of Science actively refute the majority of scientists churning out warnings about the threat of Global Warming. The Hoaxist website disputes the claims of the radical rise in temperatures, the danger of man’s carbon footprint on the planet, global warming’s adverse effect on weather patterns as well as the shrinkage of glaciers and [...]

Two Days To Go

In 1990 I visited Tikal with my Aussie friend Cathy. We stayed at a horrible hotel, but slept atop the Mayan pyramids surrounded by the thick Peten jungle. Howler monkeys dashed from tree to tree and the buzz of insects hummed outside our mosquito nettings. This abandoned city had had a population of 90,000 souls [...]

The Hour Of The 13th Baktun

A little more than three days remain until the end of the 12th Mayan Baktun, which began on August 11th, 3114 BC. Supposedly the Egyptians invented written language on that date. The rest of the Neolithic world was recovering from the ravages of the Great Ice Age. Agriculture wouldn’t revive in Northern Africa for more [...]