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Earth Day 2009

I drank organic vodka in celebration of Earth Day. The mixer was organic ginger ale. Glass bottles. A glass glass. No plastic. It went well with my Happy Meal #3. Supposedly civilization started when hunter-gatherers discovered fermented fruits. One of them drank it. He survived and explained his out-of-the-body experience. The primitives understood that to […]

Bertha Goes Whaling 1871

I want to be an angel And with the angels stand, A crown upon my forehead And a harp in my hand. The ship was sold in March, 1873. Capt. Hamblin, my father, had decided to give up whaling and go home. The ship sent home 895 barrels of oil and never went back to […]

The Great Disappointment

Written December 12, 2012 This world was a cesspool of sin for Christians in the early 19th Century, as Satan threatened the souls of the White Race through race miscegenation and women’s demands for equality were an attack on the eternal domination of men over the weaker sex. The United States was losing its religion […]

May 14,1990 – Langtang Glacier – Nepal – Journal Entry

2500 meters – Ghora Tabula This morning Dieter woke up with vomit on his shirt. He doesn’t talk about being gay, but he has said anything about spending time in Bangkok. I respect his staying in the closet and told him that we are all sinners. Dieter had been traveling the last three years on […]

Hotter Than Before Almost

The Friends of Science actively refute the majority of scientists churning out warnings about the threat of Global Warming. The Hoaxist website disputes the claims of the radical rise in temperatures, the danger of man’s carbon footprint on the planet, global warming’s adverse effect on weather patterns as well as the shrinkage of glaciers and […]