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April Foolishness

Today a friend called to tell me that a business associate had been trampled by a herd of deer on his Easthampton property. I didn’t question the story and immediately phoned my associate. “Are you okay?” “Why wouldn’t I be okay.” My associate was a man of wealth. He was in love with his beautiful […]

The Irish Are Coming

After a month visiting my family in Thailand I returned to New York in 2011. On March 17 I extended invitations to a drinking Craic around the Village for St. Patrick’s Day. “I’m back. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” I announced at the 169 Bar. My good friend Jocko Weyland, skateboarder/urbanologist, begged off joining me with […]

The Far West Of Ireland

My grandmother came from County Mayo. Her last name was Walsh. Nana sailed to Boston at the age of fourteen. That ocean voyage was so traumatic that she never returned to Ireland. My mother and her sisters often offered to fly Nana to Shannon. “I don’t want to travel on that sea again.” “Planes don’t […]

Noblesse Ne’er-Do-Wells

Ten years ago Thaksin’s red shirts of targeted Bangkok’s luxury shopping malls of their political rivals, the elite yellow shirts. The riotous schism between the two classes was a mystery to most foreigners who regarded their adopted country as the land of Smiles, but a restrictive way of life to the majority of Thais. I […]

Thai Hair-Cut No No

Several years ago I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to a party in Nolita. The city skyline shimmered under a sky dotted by the few stars brilliant enough to pierce New York’s light umbrella. Tourists flashed photos in the dark and the bridge hummed with the passage of cars and trucks. The night was bitter […]