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New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Every January 1st millions of Americans vow to better their lives and the world. The Top Ten New Year’s resolutions barely differ from year to year, since few people realized their resolutions. I made no resolutions this year.

Thai Tattoos Too

Pattaya must be the per capita capitol of farangs with tattoos. Shirtless westerners parade the streets to exhibit the beauty of their body art, despite the collateral damage to the colored flesh from the tropical sun. Most tattoos are eagles, dragons, and declarations of never-ending love to go-go girls festooned with vows of fidelity to [...]

Bosox Undefeated

Yesterday the Red Sox beat the Yankees 8-2. We are undefeated and as any Red Sox fan knows 1st place is always good. Especially at the expense of the NY Douchebags.

The Last Executioner Of Thailand

In many ways books are much better than DVDs. While used ones in Thailand cost about 160 baht as opposed to 100 baht per DVD, movies rarely last longer than 2 hours, especially if you hit the fast-forward button. The BLACK DAHLIA flashed before my eyes in less than 12 minutes. It sucked. Reading a [...]

Death Song Of Thailand

Norman Mailer wrote his 1979 Pulitzer-winning EXECUTIONER’S SONG about Gary Gilmore’s execution by the State of Utah. His crime had been murder. Gilmore had a slim choice of methods; shooting squad or noose. He opted for the shooting squad rather than the noose and refused any reprieve from his fate. “Death is the only inescapable, [...]