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Where Are We?

I spotted these four tourists on 6th Avenue and 58th Street in Midtown Manhattan. All four were on their cell phones, trying to figure out where they were. I almost helped them, but realized their impoverished sense of direction was a curse of GPS and they were better off lost. Stupid. Of course, since no […]

Edison Versus Tesla

Edison created the lightbulb. Tesla discovered the universe. More than light.

The Depassioning of Cellphones

The closer we are, the farther we are with cellphones. They take us away from the ‘now’ to the never was of the internet. And you can’t expect anything else, when the ‘now’ is a prison of the overdosed senses. Lose your iPhones and be free. Spring is around the corner. Flowers The warm sun. […]

Amazons Of Now

There is nothing less than Amazon than a woman texting on a cellphone, unless it’s a man on a cell phone. They are complete zictims i. e.potential zombie victims. But Amazons still do exist these days. Especially if they have a gun in their hand and not a cell phone.

Deaf Dumb And Blind

I hate smart phones. I hate people who think it’s life.