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The Great Invisible Wall Of China

Over my years of traveling back and forth to Asia I’ve flown into Peking on more than one occassion. Each time I have pressed my face to the porthole hoping to see the Great Wall of China. Teachers around the world had taught that man-made barrier against the barbarian horde was visible from low orbit. [...]

I WALK THE LINE leonard nimoy

To hear the genius of Leonard Nimoy, please visit this URL

One Small Stool For Mankind

Even astronauts are human.

Mission Underwear Control

Four summers ago I was living in Palm Beach. The off-season population of that wealthy enclave shrank 10% of its winter height. Few of the fabulously rich resided in their mansions and they appeared once a day to shop at the Publix supermarket. The only poor were the dutiful off-island workers tending to the vacant [...]


World leaders are increasingly concerned about the collapse of the global economy. No one has an answer to the global dilemma, mostly because the problems multiply every day. I personally have been looking to the sky for our redemption. Not in the form of angels blowing clarion horns, but UFOs piloted by ETs looking to [...]