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NEXT YEAR ANDROMEDA In the western desert the night is alive with distant stars. They are our destiny. There is no God. We are the levelers of cities like Hiroshima, Dresden, or Tulsa. Our victims live as running shadows against concrete walls or charred flesh or almost unscathed. ?Now I am become Death, the destroyer […]

We Are Alone

And the Aliens thought themselves Gods Divine beings destined for the stars Traveling in Hydrogen-fission spacecraft On a Holy mission To spread the Word To the Heathen Extra-Terrestrials The first meeting happened long ago Hunters greeting tri-podites They taught us life Now we ready for the Bible-jihad We are Gods in our minds. More Shiva […]

The Nearest Planet

Back in 2019 I met my friend’s son in the Meat Packing District. Alfred was a business graduate of Princeton. Magna Cum Laude. His parents considered him genius at 21. His father wanted me to introduce him to a big-time investment banker to whom I sold diamonds back in the days of plenty. It was […]

Venus Versus Mars

I was a UFO movie fanatic as kid. My friends and I thought that the Martians were ugly, but the invaders from Venus would be tall blondes in bikinis. We much preferred Venus to Mars. It was the planet of love and over the years I became a Star Trek devotee. All the series were […]

Aurora Borealis Maine July 4, 1971

On the 4th of July in 1971 John Gilmore, Mark McLaughlin, and Tommie Jordan and I left the South Shore of Boston to holiday in Maine. A large store at the New Hampshire border sold fireworks. John purchased $20 worth of M-80s and various rockets. The four of us stopped at my grandmother’s cabin on […]