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After Bathing At Baxter’s – The Jefferson Airplane

The Milton town library added another angle to my education. The head librarian recognized my thirst for knowledge and allowed my taking out adult books at the age of ten. I read Nicholas Kakanzakis’ THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHIRST, Balzac’s A HARLOT HIGH AND LOW, Prescott’s CONQUEST OF MEXICO, OM BURKE’s TRAVEL AMONGST THE DERVISHES. […]

Re-Alive Again

In early October I headed north to attend my nephew’s wedding on the South Shore. First time in a year leaving New York. With Jack Haven. I noticed a hospital tag on my bag. Dated 12-27-2022. The day of my liver transplant. Lazurus II wanders the world.

Missile Away

Having returned to my split-level house from Our Lady of the Foothills, I tore off my Catholic school uniform and dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans. My mother was in the laundry room. My brothers and sisters were watching WHERE THE ACTION IS on the TV. It was too nice a day for the lip-synching […]

Pumpkin Stand Bowling 1962

The Blue Hills 1962 Route 28 ran through the Hills From Chatham On Cape Cod To Manchester New Hampshire. The four laner contracted to two Through the Blue Hills South of Boston. It broadened again after the lights at Chicktawbut Road, The Blue Hills 1962 Route 28 ran through the Hills From Chatham On Cape […]

Letter To Jocko – A Wedding

Two weekends ago I had a great trip up to a wedding south of Boston. Brigette and I thought about renting a car, but resisted the corporate brainwashing instructing the masses that they can’t live without a car. We took the 8am bus to South Station, wandered about the Fort Channel, and headed down to […]