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Rattlesnake Alert

Last year local wildlife officials were called to the Blue Hills south of Boston in response to 911 call alerting to the presence of a timber rattlesnake in a populated area. Officers captured the serpent and released rattler into the Great Bog. My sister called me with this information and I asked, “Do you remember […]

The Silence Of The Neponset River

The Neponset River runs from the Foxborough marshes and the stream drops over two-hundred feet over the first twelve miles through the towns of Walpole, Sharon, Norwood, Canton, Westwood and Dedham before reaching Mattapan, which the First People called ‘a good place to sit’. Blue Hill Avenue crosses the river over a stone bridge before […]

Nantasket Beach Forever

In 1981 I was working after-hour clubs for Arthur Weinstein. I needed a break from the hustle and fled north to the South Shore of Boston. No one called me. I slept and read. My mother greeted me at the breakfast table and apologized for the boredom of the suburbs and I recalled a line […]

WHEN FAT MEN FLY by Peter Nolan Smith / Chapter 1

Fat people were a rarity in 1970. None resided in my neighborhood south of Boston and only a few attended my university. My best friend at work was well overweight, but I thought of Wayne as chubby, but not fat. Our menial duties at a chain discount store next to the Quincy Shipyard consisted of […]


Yesterday I rode the subway home to Fort Greene. I edited a long short story about a softball game in 1986 with pen. The 30ish woman seated next to me slurped a big container of Dunkin’ Donuts slop. The brunette fell asleep and the cup dropped from her hand. Thankfully the lid held firm and […]