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SADLY MISTAKEN by Peter Nolan Smith

Whenever I mentioned to my friends in the USA or Europe that I was moving to Luxembourg, they immediately stated, “Luxembourg is the most boring city of Western Europe.” Actually nearby Brussels won the prix d’or d’ennui followed tightly by Zurich and Warsaw. Birmingham has given all three a run for the money with the […]

53 Years Later

Today no one in New York had mentioned JFK’s bad day in Dallas. Neither the BBC, New York Times, nor Al-Jazeera wrote a single line about the November 22, 1963 tragedy, proving the old adage that as you get old you forget and as you get older you are forgotten. 51 years might be a […]

Trump’s Key Plan To Greatness

This week Trump’s transition team have been discussing the major points of his campaign platform. According to an undisclosed source within the president-elect’s the presumed Secretary of the Interior Sarah Palin suggested that building a wall along the Mexican border was an easy promise to achieve as long as the funds came from the Mexicans […]

Beering With Hillary

And Hillary Clinton drinks beer with gusto. I like that. Her husband didn’t drink beer. Not really. Same as Donald J Trump, who is a tee-totaler, because sex is his thing. According to a GOP operative I know and I prefer hanging out with beer drinkers than sex maniacs. The former know their limit. And […]

Trump’s Health Care Poor

Obamacare is not perfect. Monolithic insurance companies control the market. Their executives aberrantly raise the costs of medicine and hospital care. Donald Trump excoriated the health system by stating with vehemence, “Obamacare is a total disaster and I promised to replace the ACA with the finest health-care plan there is.” Trump failed to elaborate on […]