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Like Father Like Son

During a radio show on Thursday Donald Trump Jr. was attacking the media’s relationship with Hillary Clinton and said, “Without the media, this wouldn’t even be a contest, but the media has built her up. They’ve let her slide on every in-discrepancy, on every lie, on every DNC game trying to get Bernie Sanders out […]

Fiends in High Places

My move to Paris from New York in 1982 came with costs. I said good-byes to Anne Borchert and Jill Chapman. The first ended up having an affair with the artist Jean Michel Basquiat. The second maintained a letter correspondence informing me about the Internal Affairs investigation concerning Viktor Malenski’s murder at the Continental. The […]

A Message To Hillary

My letter to Hillary Clinton Congratulations on your nomination. I am a 64 year-old white male registered as an independent. I live in new york city, which should overwhemingly support your campaign to be president. My women friends are firmly behind you. “I want to see a woman elected president before i die.” I supported […]

Dirty Donald Trump Sanchez

The Dirty Sanchez is a mythical legend about the sexual aftermath of anal sex. It’s all a joke, but on Wednesday GOP presidential hopeful flew in his private jet to Mexico City at the invitation of Mexican President Peña Nieto. Both men needed political boosts. The New York billionaire trails Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, […]

Out Of My Small Hands

NRA president Charlton Heston famously told a gathering of gun-lovers at the 129th NRA convention, in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 20, 2000, “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.” While the slogan’s originality has been attributed to the Hollywood actor, however the line was first popularized by […]