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RFK in 2016

Now more than ever. To hear the next president of the USA speak, please go to this URL

The One The Only Evel Knievel

America has not elected a bald president since Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. Every candidate with a hair issue has been rejected by the voters, although the outcome in the electoral college proved to be a landslide for the GOP, Hubert Humphrey missed defeating Richard Nixon in the 1968 popular vote thanks to George Wallace diverting […]

Bernie Was There 1962

Bernie Sanders was there from the start. He remains true. He has my vote once he truly addresses the occupation of Palestine. ps This photo dates back to a CORE sit-in 1962. Conversely Hillary Clinton was working with the Barry Goldwater Campaign.

Bernie Versus Hillary

Today I saw my first Bernie volunteers in fort Greene, Brooklyn. The Bernster has my vote. Sanders was the only senator to vote against the War in Iraq. ps George Carlin as VP

YOU BET I WOULD by Peter Nolan Smith

During our 2009 trip through the American Midlands filming Barry Flanagan statues Brock Dundee and I detoured from our route to meet Colonel Rockford Ret. in Iowa City. The three of us began the evening at a sports bar. The bartender had just returned from his third tour in Iraq. We toasted his return with […]