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Trump Flushing the Washington Swamp

On August 24, 1814 British troops tried to burn down the new capitol of the United States. Washington. A day later a hurricane doused the flames, but that salvation hasn’t prevent further attempted cinematic destruction of the city along the Potomac River. Aliens have destroyed Washington DC in countless movies. For some unexplained reason science-fiction […]

Honest To Goodness Patriot

“I didn’t vote for him but he’s my president, and I hope he does a good job.” John Wayne – On John F. Kennedy’s election Disgruntled GOP voters should learn from that as well as Democrats. We are one. e pluribus unum. Latin for ‘out of many one’. ps Donald Trump is no president of […]

55 Years Later

Today no one in New York had mentioned JFK’s bad day in Dallas. Neither the BBC, New York Times, nor Al-Jazeera wrote a single line about the November 22, 1963 tragedy, proving the old adage that as you get old you forget and as you get older you are forgotten. 51 years might be a […]

We Miss You Bobby

It’s been 45 years since RFK was murdered in LA. The pain doesn’t go away. But neither does the dream Robert Francis Kennedy was a hero. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Few people living today know what we missed, but it wasn’t the world of now. I always thought BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS accompanied […]

RFK in 2020

Now more than ever. To hear the next president of the USA speak, please go to this URL