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Big Bear

Mikhail Gorbachev The USA and the USSR waged a Cold War across the world. America and her proxy nations fought wars in Korea and Viet-Nam. Countless conflicts burned on every continent and in the air as well as on the sea. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev stated at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow […]

Melania Trump So Pretty

These days Donald Trump looks like a happy man. His election victory was a triumph of the Electoral College over the popular vote. His 45.9% total versus Hillary’s 48.0% of 57% percent of the possible voting public. Over 24% of the 43% of the unvoting public are excluded from the ballot polls by suppressive measures […]

Back To His Roots

Donald Trump airlifted his hit show to Tampa, Florida, where thousands of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN supporters greeted. They cheered his speech. They cheered to Melania recite the Lord’s Prayer, despite rumors of her being a Muslim, and left the rally resolved to never surrender the truth of Trumpish. The last gasp of White America […]

Kiss My Black Ass

Election night 2008 had people celebrating in the streets. The desire for change had swept the GOP from the White House and Congress. The effects of Obama’s victory over the Old White Guy reached into the Deep South and this week the town of Alligator, Alabama ousted its white mayor in favor of a black […]

A Drunk Eminence Grise

The term Eminence Grise originally referred to François Leclerc du Tremblay, Cardinal Richeleau’s righthand man, who wore an austere grey robe whilst performing his duties far from the limelight. Famously Dick Cheney acted as GW Bush’s éminence grise instructing the president on national security and foreign policy and the little known Dick Ross advised Reagan, […]