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Ship Of Buffoons

This Thursday the GOP will kick off their 2016 Presidential Campaign. Fox News has narrowed down the field from 24 to 10, although the lower echelon candidates such as George Pataki, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorin and Lindsey Graham will be allowed a few minutes airtime before the main event on this coming Thursday. WHO’S IN […]

American Fools – 2015

Yesterday Ohio Governor announced his candidacy for GOP candidate for president and explained his reason to join the crowded field by saying, “Why not?” This rationale was better than answering, “What’s it to you?”, but he is miles behind the present party favorite, Donald Trump, who has been thrust into the lead after saying that […]

The Reward Of No Government

The GOP presidential candidates are threatening the country with a refusal to fund the government, however their love of partisan anarchy is not the end of the world. In November 1995 a conservative GOP-controlled Congress shut down America and that weekend a blizzard further isolated the President in the Oval Office. Bill Clinton faced down […]

Not So Great Scott

Scott Walker had surprised the Democrats by maintaining his control of Wisconsin. His right-wing policies have won favor with the white voters in the Cheese State. Unions have been weakened and taxes on the rich have been cut to insure lottery winners that they too will benefit from the GOP’s trickle down economics. While Scott […]

Out Of The GOP Closet

Today Rick Santorum announced his presidential candidacy along with New York’s governor from the last century What’s his name Pataki. During his governorship campaign I shouted at him to go back to suburbs. He must have heard me and won the election by a landslide, although I doubt whether Gov Pataki has the moral courage […]