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51 Years Later

Today no one in New York mentioned JFK’s bad day in Dallas. Neither the BBC, New York Times, nor Al-Jazeera wrote a single line about the November 22, 1963 tragedy, proving the old adage that as you get old you forget and as you get older you are forgotten. 51 years might be a long […]

Voting For No One

The results of the 2014 midterm elections ran heavily in favor of the GOP. Harvard University estimated that a little over 21.3% of the registered electorate voted on Tuesday, meaning that the control of the Senate hinged on 1-2% of the vote. Millions stayed away from the ballot. The young, the old, blacks, conservatives, radicals, […]

Waking From The Dead To The GOP Dawn

In 1990 a 747 landed on Biak. Me and a missionary got off the plane. He caught an island-hopper to a large island across the bay. I crossed the street to hire a room at the Old Dutch Hotel. The teenage bellhop led me to a room facing the sea. Its color was slate blue. […]

Jessie Ventura 2016

No D Obama

The white media in America has suggested that the GOP landslide was a repudiation of the President. ISIS, Ebola, teenage immigrants, gay marriage, and global warming taxed the brains of overworked and underpaid white males who only have time to watch Fox News before they crash into their beds in a Bud Lite beer haze. […]