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Bad Debt Good

My first credit card was backed by the endorsement of Mrs. Carolina in 1995. “An American Express for emergencies.” She loved the way I kissed and visited me once a month in New York. Ms. Carolina told her husband that I was gay. His believing her mapped a faultline in my masculinity. Ms. Caroline was […]

I’M GOOD IF YOU’RE GOOD by Peter Nolan Smith

Opening a jewelry store in the Plaza Hotel seemed like a good idea in the Spring of 2009. I was dead broke after my arrest in Thailand for copyright infringement and my wife Mam was pregnant with our son. The Plaza was one of New York’s premier destinations. Wealth was in my cards. Richie Boy […]

The Mean Of Money from Tony Montana In SCARFACE

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” Tony Montana – cocaine dealer in Brian dePalma’s SCARFACE 1983 for more quotes

Nobody’s Cock HARRY REEMS

The actor Jack Nicholson helped BATMAN hit $411,348,924 in 1989. Warren Beatty scored his greatest hit with DICK TRACY’s box office earnings of $162,738,726 worldwide. Neither came close to Harry Reems, who acted in DEEPTHROAT. That film grossed over $600,000,000. Reems was paid $250 to play opposite Linda Lovelace in the XXX blockbuster hit. She […]

What’s Yours Is Ours

AN OLD JOKE FROM THE 60S. A rich man comes out of his mansion and spots a young man camping on his lawn. Filled with indignation he strides up to the squatter and demands him to leave or else he’ll call the police. “How did you get this land?” The young man remains seated by […]