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WHEN FAT MEN FLY by Peter Nolan Smith / Chapter 4

The first week in February I moved into an apartment in Brighton’s Bug Village. The walls were thin as a potato chip and a space heater warmed the living room. I slept under an electric blanket and Linda stayed over twice a week to share my bed. Wayne came to crash with Marie after concerts. […]

Asshole of the Week July 13

Cannabis has been legalized in several states and decriminalization laws are winning polls throughout the nation, however the forces of the anti-drug war have refused to wave the white flag of surrender and this week a retired Canadian police officer came up with a mass market pot breathalyzer for police to test drivers for reefer […]

Sinners Beware

According to the Bible-Thumpers from the square states Obama was born the Anti-Christ. White people from north and south hate the president. His every policy attacks their supremacy, but none more than the Affordable Health Bill, which strips power from the insurance companies’ governance over profit from hospitals, doctors, prescription drugs, nurses, daycare centers, hospices, […]

Dump Bill Bratton

In 2012 police in the USA arrested over 750,000 people for marijuana with the vast majority of those detained being charged with possession. Violent crime arrests were 200,000 less than that number, revealing that law enforcement throughout the War on Crime was more interested in filling out quotas than address real crime such as murder, […]

Safer Than Peanuts

legalization, marijuana, governor chrystie, causes of death The top 15 causes of death in the USA are the following according to ( I have added the major causes of these top causes of death based on my hunches and not scientific fact); 1. Heart Disease (obesity and tobacco) 2. Cancer (tobacco, pollution, stress, and […]