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POLE DANCING TO THE END by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the day Pattaya was a paradise for middle-aged western men with money. Food, accommodation, cheap beer and beautiful girls calling old men sexy. None of these seductive women were blind, yet the men forget about the truth of the mirrored reflection, for as Frederick Engels the co-writer of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO said, “Money […]

The Loss of Caul’s Vision

On March 4, 2020 after a simple breakfast David, my guide, and I left Kibo Hut on Kilimanjaro to descend to Hurumbo Hut. I turned often to eye Africa’s tallest mountain rimmed by hoarfrost. Near a grouping of old volcanic rocks David said, “We can get the Internet here. Maybe even a phone home.” I […]


OH LUCKY MAN Seven come eleven Praying bones shaking in your hands Seven come eleven Come out and party in the garden Roll on the green of luck Seven come eleven Never boxcars Twelve apostles is as bad As snake-eyes Always whisper its name Bad luck loves a loser Loaded dice too I only throw […]

Witch of Isaan

Winter’s Rainbow

My baby brother died on AIDS in 1995. My mother succumbed to cancer in 1996. I mourned their passing with a circumnavigation of the globe. Every holy site on the route was my destination; Luang Prabang, Zhongdian, Lhasa, Benares et al. My soul was washed by the waters of the holiest rivers in the world, […]