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Waiting For Andre

Whenever the question arises at a bar about who was the greatest athlete, I allow everyone to offer their opinions. “Jim Thorpe.” He was a multi-talented competitor. “Ali.” Ali was a great fighter. Once the debate has lost steam I say, “Andre the Giant.” They argue that the Frenchman was only a wrestler, but Andre [...]

Knock Knock It’s Henry At The Door

I was listening to Michael Pollan on NPR talking about how nobody cooks anymore. I was cooking chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. I still cook. It’s not three-star, but it’s better than Chinese take-out. My friend Emily Armstrong said, “I make smothered pork chops, oat bran apple muffins, and five pounds of mashed potatoes.” [...]

Dominoes With A Chicken

“How, unless you drink as I do, could you hope to understand the beauty of an old Indian woman playing dominoes with a chicken?” ― Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano

Le Nécrophile

The biggest house in Quincy, Massachusetts was owned by a funeral director. His daughters were the most beautiful girls on the South Shore in 1967 and they introduced Cream to their admirers. I was one of them. So was an apprentice embalmer for their father. The other suitors joked that Adam made love to the [...]

Reading Mr Beller’s Neighborhood

MR BELLER’S READING SERIES WHATEVER IT TAKES I’ll be reading March 21 at Dixon Place 161 Chrystie Street 7PM LOVE TO SEE YOU. I’ll be reading SMASHING KNIVES In the Greater Depression the employment opportunities for a man my age were limited in New York City. A younger man would perform the job for a [...]