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Le Necrophile

The biggest house in Quincy, Massachusetts was owned by a funeral director. His daughters were the most beautiful girls on the South Shore in 1967 and they introduced Cream to their admirers. I was one of them. So was an apprentice embalmer for their father. The other suitors joked that Adam made love to the […]

Waiting For Andre

Whenever the question arises at a bar about who was the greatest athlete, I allow everyone to offer their opinions. “Jim Thorpe.” He was a multi-talented competitor. “Ali.” Ali was a great fighter. Once the debate has lost steam I say, “Andre the Giant.” They argue that the Frenchman was only a wrestler, but Andre […]

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez RIP

“My heart has more rooms in it than a whore house.” ― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez I know the feeling. I loved reading A HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE. Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez first opened my eyes to South American literature with his novel from 1967 about his liberal grandfather’s house in Columbia. The tale of one family […]

Knock Knock It’s Henry At The Door

I was listening to Michael Pollan on NPR talking about how nobody cooks anymore. I was cooking chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. I still cook. It’s not three-star, but it’s better than Chinese take-out. My friend Emily Armstrong said, “I make smothered pork chops, oat bran apple muffins, and five pounds of mashed potatoes.” […]

Dominoes With A Chicken

“How, unless you drink as I do, could you hope to understand the beauty of an old Indian woman playing dominoes with a chicken?” ― Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano