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Innocence or Dead In Florida

Last night in Florida a six-person jury found George Zimmerman innocent of a murder charge, stemming from the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin of February 26, 2012. The 17 year-old black boy in a hoodie was walking back to the house of his father’s fiancee in a gated community after purchasing Skittles and an Ice [...]

Bobbing For Apples

My son Fenway loves to throw cellphones into the toilet. I don’t understand this fixation and I keep my phone out of his reach. His mother isn’t so lucky, since Mam needs the phone by her side. Last summer Fenway dropped an iPhone in the toilet. I admonished him and he sulked the rest of [...]

Pink Equal Signs

Millions of facebook users have changed their profile photo to a pink equal sign to show their support for gay/lesbian/whatever marriage equality. The GOP and Supreme Court have refused to accept that their version of America no longer is accepted by the majority. One day and one day soon they will have to accede to [...]


Those pundits weren’t too embarrassed by their calls for a close race. To see Jon Stewart’s take on their wisdom and the elation of marijuana legalization in two states, please go to the following URL

Revenue Pirates

Two days ago I bicycled over to Chinatown. All the restaurants were closed after the storm, however one store was selling box lunches to the powerless neighborhood. Within minutes health inspectors descended on this violators of the health code and forced customers to give back their food without a refund. Fucking city. It’s back to [...]