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Thai Tongue Twisters

This addition has nothing to do with sex. As a child my moother tried to improve my speech by having me say ‘toy boat’ three times fast. Impossible with a stutter. Thais utilize the same practice. I guess all languages do. Here’s a sampling from 1.) Kluai tanee plai wee hiaw, hew wee pai […]

The Tower Of Blather

I speak several languages with varying degree of expertise. All of them with a Boston accent. Linguists estimate that there are over 6700 languages spoken on the planet Earth with English acting as the prime lingua franca or most popular bridge language at present. Unfortunately silence is not a language. This morning at the Academy […]

Eyes In The Sky

The FAA announced plans to allow Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia to test drones for commercial use starting in 2015. The BBC reported that the head of the FAA, Michael Huerta, said safety would be the priority as it considers approval for unleashing the unmanned aircraft into US skies to provide […]

LOVELY SLEEP by Peter Nolan Smith

The Thai people pride themselves in the purity of their language. Few English words have infiltrated the common lexicon. Dtam-ruaat is the word for police. The diphonic annunciation can confuse most farangs. I thought for years that Dtam-ruaat meant ‘make blood’, however make blood is spelled Dtam-leuuat with a falling accent on the last syllable. […]

More Is Not Necessarily More

A friend of mine recently castigated my writing with the criticism that I was a sloppy writer. He was speaking the truth and I said, “My father always thought that I was sloppy too.” “You end up writing too much.” Dannett was editor for a famed newspaper’s obit section. “Sometimes more is more.” “I wish […]