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Disappearing From Now

I was young once. I knew Wendy Whitelaw. We hung out in Paris. The two of us were friends. Sadly we never made love. But we still are friends. This week started with over 600 page views and drifted south to single digits. Guess I’m headed for oblivion. And we all know where that is. […]

The 10 Unanswerables

According to the Old Testament Moses descended from Mount Sinai with two stone tablets inscribed with 17 Commandments and although the adopted son of the pharoah was the only man in the crowd who could read, Yahweh deigned not to write in Egyptian, so there could have been a thousand commandments for all Moses or […]

Neo-Droid Hands

Comic book characters rarely had all their fingers. Many artists are unable to draw a hand, which I’ve always deemed to be the cause for the advent of abstract expressionism. Most recently I went online to look at wedding bands for a friend. The website offered this image. Not really a hand. Then again nothing […]

PEOPLE SUCK Gus and the Snowmen

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I am wandering around the Fort Greene Observatory in a green cotton robe. The windows are open and the curtains are up. The people in the new condo building are probably staring into their binoculars and saying, “That crazy old coot is naked again.” They’re right and I’m about to […]

Spam Appreciation

I get spam letters all the time. Most are promoting viagra, baldness cures, penis enlargement, porno, or oxycontins. There must be a tremendous market for those products in my demographics; white, male, 35-65, wanting to get fucked up. Today this computer-generated comment appeared on mangozeen from an over-40 pregnancy counseling site. “What i do not […]