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The Elegance of the Wampanoags

The Wampanoags were not the savages, but the people of the dawn were driven near-extinction by a bacterial infection carried the Pilgrims, which left them defenseless to raids by the Micmacs and Pequots. Despite these calamities the Wampanoags living near the Plymouth supposedly celebrated a particularly good harvest with the Pilgrims in the autumn of1621. […]

Empire State Plaza

The 1825 completion of the Eire Canal opened the Wilderness to the World and Albany became the eastern gateway to an untouched continent. It was among the ten top cities in America up to 1840. A place to be. Furs, lumber, grains, metals, and meat funneled through New York’s capitol, thanks to steam-shipping on the […]

$2000 Covid Benefit Vote

Last week Congress had passed a Covid-19 Relief Bill granting $600 to needy Americans. FDTrump rejected this bill and said that the 5500 pages contained too much pork and citizens deserved $2000. The Democrats accepted his offer, however the GOP thought that giving away money might ruin the old Puritan work ethic. At this very […]

Mohammad Morsi RIP

This morning Egypt’s first democratically elected president collapsed after a court appearance to face espionage charges. The sixty-seven year old man had been tortured and abused and had been refused medical care throughout a six year imprisonment. His family had only been allowed to see him three times. According to AlJazeera the former president’s son, […]

Subvertizements of Apartheid

According to activists from London Palestine Action plastered these posters criticizing Israel’s apartheid policies against Palestinians all over London’s underground train network early Sunday morning calling them “subvertisements,” political messages designed to look like sanctioned advertising. Next week It’s Israeli Apartheid Week in the UK. Israel has spend billions demonizing the Palestinians as terrorists, […]