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World Wide Destruction

As the world skids out of control with the Endless War penetrating every corner of the globe, a Jewish friend texted that he expected an imminent nuclear exchange, because of The Gaza War. I had been born with the Caul, the placenta, wrapped around my head. Celts believe it gives you the vision. Despite the […]


I was nothing I possessed nothing I felt nothing Not Love Food Pissing Shitting Nothing touched my nothingness Then I woke Underwater My lungs filled with water Panic Around me nothing I looked up A hand I reached up Two hands touched I was pulled to the surface A woman on a raft hugged me […]

Oak Beach Inn

In the 80s I would get on my Yamaha XS 650CC and drive out of Manhattan to Jones Beach. I’d avoid the gathering of sun-worshippers at the East Bathhouse and rode past the sand dunes bordering Ocean Parkway past West Gilgo and Cedar Beach to the Oak Beach Inn located across the inlet from the […]