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I Love My Sleep

As much as I hate Daylight Savings Time, I was happy to sleep another hour this morning. After waking with the dawn I pulled the covers over my head for shelter from the light and arranged the pillows for renewed comfortability. The next forty-five minutes belonged to a blissful slumber. Sleep is the drug. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. […]


Essence Last year I died three times. Once on an airplane Coming from Bangkok Twice on an Operating table. Passing from this life To white oblivion Not heaven Not hell Merely a white oblivion Coming back Not as a reincarnation But To this life To this body To the meaninglessness Of the Now. My body […]

Doing Good For Good

Neil and I have been friends since 1970. We met at European History pre-1500 History while attending Boston College. Both of us were hippies. Our lives were dedicated to the greater good of humanity and over the years we have often discussed whether we do good to do good or do good in order to […]

Sie Gesund The Mohel

Two days ago Philip L. Sherman, New York City’s most prominent mohel, passed away after performing over 27,000 circumcisions over forty-five years. A truly holy man, this mohel had time to play music and ride motorcycles between his busy schedule of B’rit milahs, an average of three daily. “My record is eleven in one day […]

Allergy to Silence

2004 Pattaya It’s the start of the Songkran festival and the temple across the our house on Moo 9 in Pattaya has set up loudspeakers to harangue the city dwellers into not drinking too much during the holidays. Debicel level 110. 24 hours a day. Thankfully I can’t understand a word they are saying and […]