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IRISH TWINS by Peter Nolan Smith

Death Camps For The Old

During the fight to pass President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Bill, the GOP accused the Democrats of having written a clause designed to create death camps for the elderly. This falsitude was promoted by Fox News to the believers in the Right and this week Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin proposed to cut funding for the […]


Back in 1995 I left the USA after the death of my younger brother. My plan was to visit the holiest places in Asia to expiate Michael’s sins. I was a non-believer, but felt this pilgrimage would help his soul on the other side. By late August I was residing in old Yunnan city of […]

The Wrath Of Ebolazillah

When Godzilla raged through Tokyo and New York compiled a total death count as a little over 10,000. Terminator ranks at the top with over 3 billion. Real life can pile up serious numbers. The World Wars reigned death across the planet in the millions. The Black Plague wiped out a third of Europe […]

Slow Tongue

I have a stutter. I have it since childhood. My teacher at Pine Grove Elementary School feared that I might be retarded and strongly suggested to my parents that I visit a speech expert in Portland, which was the biggest city in Maine. My father and mother drove me to Maine Medical. A doctor gave […]