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Few Have Chosen

Jen Rowley is young. She loves posing for photos. I met her at the 169 Bar on east Broadway. She left that dive for San Francisco. The City by the Bay must seem more free, but I bet she doesn’t have health care and neither do most Americans even though the vast majority are covered [...]

I Love My Sleep

As much as I hate Daylight Savings Time, I was happy to sleep for another hour this morning. After waking with the dawn I pulled the covers over my head for shelter from the light and arranged the pillows for renewed comfortability. The next forty-five minutes were mine in slumber. Sleep is the drug. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. [...]

Hang-Over Cure #1

This cure comes from the WORST CASE SCENARIO SURVIVAL CALENDER. 1.) Avoid pills before, during, or after drining to excess. They will fuck you up worst than the hang-over. 2.) Drink lots of fluids. OJ and Tomato Juice contain potassium which handles the wobbly feeling of a good night’s drunk. 3.) Vitamins. A B-12 shot [...]

Asteroids Away

Several years ago a NASA spacecraft passed the planet Mercury. A transmitted photo clearly revealed the effect of meteor strikes on the surface. Their impacts of Earth were not so apparent from the Space Shuttle, unless you know where to look like in the Yucatan or polar areas, but most astronomers are more concerned with [...]

The Comfort Of A Siesta

Last week I worked every day 8 to 5 at my cousin’s metal shop. I cut bronze with a band saw, picked up steel from a Newtown Creek foundry, installed bathroom fixtures at a West 14th Street luxury condo, and delivered decorative storage bins to the patio of a 5th Avenue penthouse. The work was [...]