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Cowboy Rules 101

Sent by the ever-tolerant Big Al in Pattaya. He’s my hero. A father/X-fighter. 1. Pull your pants up. You look like an idiot. 2. Turn your cap right, your head ain’t crooked. 3. Let’s get this straight: it’s called a ‘gravel road.’ I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No matter how slow […]

Retort to Cowboy Rules 101

Life takes all types, but I respect the customs of faraway cultures. We share some of the same traditions. I wear my trousers high. Pants are your bikini briefs. My cap is curved and the logos honor my hometown teams. Nothing else. No truck or lube or fishing references. I drive fully-insured rented cars in […]

Superstitions of Thai Food

Every country has their own Old Wive’s Tales. Thailand is no exception. Some might seem crazy on the surface, but most have been based on solid logic, so farangs will still hear the following axioms being said today in some Thai families about dining etiquette and they have nothing to do with using the wrong […]

Old Bill Next To Me

The Plaza Hotel in New York has been a world-famous destination for decades and its 2008 reinvention as a condo-palace and demi-hotel failed to tarnish the reputation of Grand Lady on 5th Avenue. While the newly opened Retail Plaza in the basement was an abject failure, the Oak Bar continued to attract power brokers, celebrities, […]

Singapore the City of No

My great grand-aunt, Bert, circumnavigated the globe in the 1870s. She was 12 years-old. Her father was the captain of sailing ship. I first met her in 1958. She was almost 100. Her house in Falmouth, Massachusetts was decorated with the curios of several continents; scrimshaw whale teeth, Zulu war shields, and ornate opium pipes […]