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Caveman Love

There is no proof of cavemen ie Neanderthals or Cromagnons dragging women by their hair. No Neolithic paintings support this fallacy. But the Rape of the Sabine? That’s a legend based on factual hearsay.

A Firm Handshake

When I was a young boy, my father instructed my older brother and me of the value of a firm handshake. “It’s a sign of a man.” My brother and I were only 8 and 7, but we heeded out father’s instructions. Most of our peers were told the same by their fathers, but that […]

Getting Comfie

The Black Caucus visited the President in the Oval Office and his schitzah schlumpe decided to get comfortable to text and twitter Kellyanne’s minions. Absolutely crass. What else can you expect from a curva? Then again I prefer Ann Coulter. At least she has a brains.

Thai etiquette #1 (wai greeting)

When I was traveling through Tibet, the natives greeted strangers by sticking out their tongue. At first I thought it was a come-on, but my guide explained that Tibetans devils don’t have tongues, hence I stuck out my tongue before entering any encampment. If you didn’t respect this custom, then the villagers would sic their […]

Thai Etiquette for the Head

Years ago a scientific lab of humanity conducted a study about how many times a day certain nationalities touched another person. Italians nearly a hundred. Spanish approximately fifty. The French fifteen. The Germans five and the English never, except in a fight. The Thais are very particular about touching, especially in public. The head should […]