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4:20 4/20 2014

Police and parents Marijuana was demonized during my youth. Reefer smokers were condemned by the courts. John Sinclair, the MC5 radical, was sentenced to ten years of prison for the crime of ‘giving’ an undercover agent two joints. The severity of his punishment did not deter the millions of marijuana smokers of the 60s and [...]

WEIRD WOMB at Shea Stadium

Dakota and Johnny are bartenders at the 169 Lounge on East Broadway. They treated me like a prince, because I have the last quaaludes on Earth. Dakota wants one bad. “If you give me one, you’ll never have to pay for a drink in this bar.” Dakota came from Arizona. He was less than half [...]

9th Floor by Jessica Dimmock

My friend Shannon Greer sent a link for THE NINETH FLOOR by Jessica Dimmock. The site describes the series of photos as documenting a group of addicts who moved into the apartment of a former millionaire in a wealthy neighborhood in downtown Manhattan. Joe Smith, in his mid 60s, allowed a young addict to move [...]

A Painter Painting a Picture

Hitchhiking was the only way to travel between Boston and Montreal in the early 1970s. Hippies traveled the 400 miles on the Eat Coast’s most scenic highway. I-89 slanted across New Hampshire and Vermont to Lake Champlain then north into Quebec. It was a great trip from start to finish. In August of 1971 a [...]

CRACK ISLAND by Peter Nolan Smith

Crack cocaine swept across the Lower East Side in the summer of 1986. East 11th Street between Avenue B and C on the Lower East Side of New York was the destination of choice for its adherents and hundreds of crack zombies lined the sidewalk before the tenement building on the corner of Avenue B [...]