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Sleep Sweet Sleep

written Sept. 21, 2017 Tourists in Northern Thailand flock to the convergence of the Mekong and Mai Klong Rivers in expectation of experiencing the notorious Golden Triangle. Most express deep disappointment that there aren’t any opium dens from which they can watch the flow of the Mekong River. A few harass the riverside shop owners for a […]

A TASTE FOR THE EAST by Peter Nolan Smith

My first trip to the Orient was in 1990. A round-the-world ticket. One destination was Singapore. The Straits city was already undergoing its metamorphosis from a colonial port to a gleaming metropolis of skyscrapers. Raffles was closed for renovations. I stayed at a cheap Chinese hotel in a decrepit godown. The walls climbed toward the […]

A BAR OF INFAMY by Peter Nolan Smith

Written 2007 Some bars’ names evoke grandeur; Harry’s in Venice, The Oak Bar in the Plaza, Raffles Long Bar in Singapore. Other bars elicit yawns from real drinkers; TGIF, Hooters, Harry Beans. Yet a few are notoriously renowned for their sleaze and mayhem, where most people’s fun ended where the fun of those those frequenting […]


Several years ago my good friend Jamie Parker was seeing a go-go girl from the Paris A Go-Go. Ort was skinny and crazy. The ex-con from the Bronx was smart enough not to have Ort as a girlfriend. The twenty-three was better as a geek, but the 52 year-old from the Bronx couldn’t resist the […]

SKATING ON THIN ICE by peter nolan smith

Thailand’s monsoons coincide with low season in Pattaya, but none lower than this Covid season. Hotels offer special rates and the bargirls call everyone ‘sexy’, but the global travel chaos due to the deadly pandemic has forced the Thai Tourist Board to revise their typically optimistic projection for arrivals to the Land of Smiles, especially […]