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Big Pharma Bust

Opium has been a blessing and bane for people suffering from pain for over 5000 years. According to M J Brownstein’s “A Brief History of Opiates the Sumerians called the plant hul gil or the “joy plant, although the Egyptian priests reserved its use for the nobility and religious classes. After the collapse of the […]

Hashish Fart

In 2008 on Koh Samui a middle-aged English tourist arrived at the local emergency ward with complaints of severe stomach and intestinal cramps. The ER staff fought for several hours to extract a long plastic bag from the Englishman’s intestines. They were surprised to discover the bag’s contents werea nearly a kilo of hashish worth […]

Beyond The Border

My friends’ sons and daughters suspected that my travels are connected to the CIA or some criminal enterprise. My denials only confirmed their opinions mostly because they viewed their parents as strictly 9-5 straights. Recently one contacted me on Facebook and asked if I was in Thailand to transport drugs. Thai police are very strict […]

Sleep Sweet Sleep

Tourists in Northern Thailand flock to the convergence of the Mekong and Mai Klong Rivers in expectation of experiencing the notorious Golden Triangle. Most express deep disappointment that there aren’t any opium dens from which they can watch the flow of the Mekong River. A few harass the riverside shop owners for a taste. “Four hours on a […]

A TASTE FOR THE EAST by Peter Nolan Smith

My first trip to the Orient was in 1990. My round-the-world ticket had many stops. One was Singapore. The Straits city was undergoing its metamorphosis from a colonial port to a gleaming metropolis of skyscrapers. Raffles was closed for renovations and I stayed at a cheap Chinese hotel in a decrepit godown. The walls climbed […]